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EdwinGitHub Page
Admin for ConnectBox-Dev. Edwin lives in Sydney, Australia, and is a happily married with three children. He’s a follower of Jesus and is part of ImagineNations Church in western Sydney. His day job is in IT Operations but he also loves rock climbing and making technology do useful things.
GeoDirkGitHub Page
A former environmental geologist turned computer programmer who has worked for way too many different engineering firms and spent too many long days sitting next to a drilling rig on toxic waste sites staring at nasty chemicals through an uncomfortable respirator mask. Currently involved with pretty much all aspects of this project helping to bring it all together; from coding, case design, testing, circuit board tinkering, and overall project direction.
Jim Adams (AKA DorJamJr)
Jim is a now retired engineer having worked 47 years in various capacities ranging from the design of camera photoflash units and camera autofocus software to all aspects of designing test equipment for the manufacture of robotics hardware. Currently involved in the design, layout and testing of the battery interface circuitry and the prototyping and 3-D printing of first run ConnectBox cases.
Kirk WilsonGitHub Page
A hardware/software systems engineer with degrees in both electronics and software engineering. Having over 38 years of experience in product development (tape drives, tape robotics systems, petabyte sized storage systems, etc.) and non-profit global IT systems. Currently involved in case design, testing, prototyping and 3-D printing of first run ConnectBox’s
Kelly DavisGitHub Page
Kelly was born and raised in Orlando, FL and earned a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Central Florida. He moved to North Carolina where he received his MS in Computer Engineering from NC State University. In 2001 he began his career in software development writing Java servlets for a dot-com startup in the advertising industry. When the bubble burst he moved to academia and spent 8 years working on Duke’s executive MBA platform. He returned to the startup world again in 2010 and joined KualiCo in the fall of 2016. Kelly’s interests are broad and include building robots with his son and daughter, reading (philosophy, history, sci-fi), life hacking, and international travel.


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